Your new energy effecient air conditioner has just been installed and now the building inspector is requireing a HERS certificate before he signs off on the job. We can help you get the required forms and inspection to complete the job. Title 24 is confusing enough and now there are HERS Rating requirements. We've taken the confusion out of the HERS testing system as it applies to HVAC contractors.

HERS Rating
What is that?
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D&H Climate Control™
HERS Rater
HERS Rater Certification #: CC2004475
C-20 Lic. # 655520

For Title 24 HERS Duct and Refrigerant Charge Testing Call

(949) 766-8925

Have your system checked for leaks because
if it doesn't heat you up or cool you down
it just blows.

D&H Climate Control™ brings over 20 years of on the job HVAC experience for your HERS Rating needs. Experience makes all the difference when you need the job done right.
HERS Rating by D&H Climate Control™

D&H Climate Control™
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Trabuco Canyon   California  92679
Tel: 949.766.8925   Fax: 949.766.8925
C-20 Lic. # 655520
HERS Rater Certification #: CC2004475